Monday, February 08, 2010

What A Weekend!

It started off great. With the cash in hand from selling one of our old Avalanches, we stole away from work early on Friday afternoon to test drive some Hondas. We looked at the Fit, the CRV and the Impulse. I am thrilled to write that we came home with a red Honda Fit. It is so cute, yet so roomy inside. It's a tiny little thing with amazing flexibility in the storage department. The rear seats are "magic seats". They can fold up to accomodate tall items. They can fold down to reveal a spacious flat cargo area. Even the front passenger seat can fold flat to allow for very long items in the cargo area. It's a zippy little car and comfortable for all but the very tallest or largest of people. We even think we'll be able to fit five passengers in it. That's right! We are expecting to have another person joining our family, at least for a few months. We plan on hosting another Chinese exchange student in the coming school year. We are so excited, and I'll tell you all about her in a future post.

The next morning, we held our very first yard sale. We got up at 4:30 in the morning to make signs and begin putting all the items under our carport in the front drive (rain was predicted). Fortunately, Pete had asked his employee Elena and her brother Gus to help us out. We never would have survived without them. Even though the time was set for 7AM, people started showing up at 6AM in the dark and fog! By 7:30, it was a madhouse. We had over twenty people there at a time, some even fighting over things. Items would sell as fast as we could bring them out of the house and people were clamoring for more things. They would just hang out in the yard waiting to see what we would bring out next. By 9AM, most everything was gone. We had time to go find a few more things inside to get rid of and by 12:30, there was nothing left. That's when it started to rain. It couldn't have worked out better.

Last year during the Superbowl, a very strange thing occurred. We saw the most amazing HUGE raccoon peeking in our living room window at us. In seven years, we had never seen a racoon before. We never saw him again, but we did have quite a few more raccoon visits after that. This year, again during the Superbowl, we were enjoying the game, when we heard sirens in the neighborhood. Pete remarked, "I bet the firefighters hate it when there is a call during the Superbowl". Just a few moments later, Pete is looking out the living room window screaming "Fire! Fire!" I look, but I cannot believe my eyes as we see flames shooting high in the sky. It looks like it's at the back of our property. After a moment, we realize it isn't at our home, so we dash outside (like all of the other neighbors) and rush to the house, two houses away. There is another house and a street between this property and ours. If you are looking at the picture below, our home is to the right. What is it about Superbowl Sunday?

Sorry, I am still not much into taking pictures this week. We are moving next week and I am spending all of my free time organizing and packing. So only a traumatic event, like a fire, was enough to tempt me into breaking out the camera. As far as I know, the occupants were out of town and no one was hurt.
Our Neighbor's House

What a crazy weekend!