Sunday, March 06, 2011

Chloe is Student of the Month for "Caring"

I am still trying to find time to edit photos from last weekend. On top of that, it was time for me to make good on a photo shoot that I offered in a silent auction nearly a year ago. Chloe and Pearl's Kindergarten teacher was the high bidder in the auction and we did the shoot this weekend. The lighting was horrible and I was pretty disappointed when I first looked at my images, but thanks to Photoshop, I think I came up with some wonderful shots. Hopefully, if I get permission, I will post a picture or two from her shoot in my next post.

When I asked Deb to come all the way out to California to teach me about flash photography, I also invited her beautiful daughter to come along. I knew that Chloe and Pearl would love to have a playmate, and I was eager to meet the beautiful daughter whom I had admired in photos for nearly three years. As it turned out, she was everything I ever imagined..........she is not only beautiful, but she is also smart and sweet and a very special girl. I am honored to have the priviledge of meeting her and I am thrilled that my girls both think the world of her. They liked her so much, that we may have to make a trip to Atlanta sometime in the coming year (if they'll have us).

For now, we will try to catch up on some pictures from last weekend. I feel like I am still in my infancy when it comes to learning photography, but I am totally hooked and don't want to do anything else (other than spend time with my family).

Oh, and on another note, my youngest daughter Chloe was named "Student of the Month" for 'caring'. Chloe has been a tad jealous of her sister Pearl who was named "Student of the Month" in both KG and 1st grade. She has been hoping every month since that it would be her turn. I was a little bit concerned that she might not achieve this status because she can be a bit difficult. Now, finally her dream has become a reality. Not only did Chloe earn this wonderful honor, but her best friend, who is in another class, won the very same honor. I thought it was pretty cool that two best friends both won "Student of the Month" for the same thing at the exact same time!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


This past weekend was absolutely amazing. My husband splurged and got me the best birthday present ever..........a full weekend with the great photographer Deb Layden. She came out to California to teach me how to use flash (as well as showing me many other great photography secrets). She even brought her darling daughter with her. Both Chloe and Pearl took an instant liking to her and were sad to see her leave.

I took so many pictures of so many subjects that I still have a lot to sort through and edit. I thought I would start with a series of pictures I shot of Effy, our exchange student. She graciously agreed to be our model and assistant even in freezing and windy conditions.

Here are some of my favorites of her from the weekend.