Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mom's Birthday or "Is Something Burning?"

We celebrated my birthday just the way I like it, small and at home. I am not sure why there are two cakes. My first guess is that my husband was disappointed with my choice of flavor, so he got a second one in a flavor he preferred. My second guess is that maybe it is too hard to fit 43 candles on one cake. But, perhaps the main reason is so that each of my girls will have their own cake to blow out Mom's candles.

Pearl seemed to think it was her birthday. She was obsessed with it all, the candles and the presents. Even though we split the girls on either side of me and placed a cake in front of each of them, so they could have candles to blow, Pearl still managed to climb over her cake and then blew out the candles on Chloe's cake. As a result, her hair dangled over the burning candles on her cake and it caught on fire, but quickly burned out. She wasn't even phased. PLEASE REFER TO PHOTO below for the visual. Darn! There goes my nomination for Mother of the Year.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Disney Playouse Live

Today we had front-row tickets for Disney Playhouse Live. It was during the Superbowl, so Dad went to his parent's house and Mom took Chris and the girls to the show. It was fun, but I think they enjoyed the Wiggles a lot more. With both girls being 4 years old, I think they were about the oldest kids in the audience. While there were some slow moments, both girls really enjoyed the show. Afterwards, Chloe wanted to do something "more fun".

It was pouring rain outside and we saw two rainbows on the way home. The sky and clouds were really beautiful and if I weren't driving, I would have taken a picture. As it turned out, we still managed to get home by halftime. It was a very short show.


Marty is our cat. We got him as a baby kitten while we were waiting for our referral for Chloe. We originally named him Mimi, thinking he was a "she". We didn't learn otherwise until we took him to the vet to be spade. They laughed at us and then performed a different operation.

He has been a wonderful cat, although he chose to be an outdoor cat rather than an indoor cat. I guess our forest-like yard is just way too tempting for a king like him. He has beautiful markings and adores people. He will even walk four blocks with Pete and the girls all the way to the corner market and then walk with them back home.