Sunday, February 03, 2008

Disney Playouse Live

Today we had front-row tickets for Disney Playhouse Live. It was during the Superbowl, so Dad went to his parent's house and Mom took Chris and the girls to the show. It was fun, but I think they enjoyed the Wiggles a lot more. With both girls being 4 years old, I think they were about the oldest kids in the audience. While there were some slow moments, both girls really enjoyed the show. Afterwards, Chloe wanted to do something "more fun".

It was pouring rain outside and we saw two rainbows on the way home. The sky and clouds were really beautiful and if I weren't driving, I would have taken a picture. As it turned out, we still managed to get home by halftime. It was a very short show.

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Lauren and Ed said...

Looks like they had fun, and sad to say, but I would rather watch that than the superbowl! :)