Thursday, September 09, 2010

Back To School and a Broken Arm

It's just been one of those months around this household. On August 23rd, the girls went back to school. Effy, our exchange student, went to school as a Junior. Pearl entered 2nd grade and Chloe entered 1st.

During the second week of school, Chloe fell off the monkey bars at recess and suffered a severe brake to her radius and ulna just above the wrist. The bones were completely disconnected making her arm look like a "W". I had no idea how traumatic a break could be as I had never experienced one myself or with a family member. We really had a tough day and it took more than 6 hours to get her patched up and back home, where the rest of the evening wasn't much better.

Due to the fear of swelling, Chloe's orthopedic surgeon kept a splint on her rather than a cast for the first 9 days, which meant no school. Since we didn't know how long she would be out of school, we signed up for homeschooling and her teacher (who just happens to live across the street) came over every day to teach her what she missed in class.

Today Chloe got her long-awaited cast in bright pink and tomorrow she will return to school, much to the relief of both her teacher and myself. Now I can get back to work. To top it all off, I think Chloe and I picked up a cold when we were in the many medical offices we visited on the day of the break.