Sunday, September 09, 2007

An Ordinary Weekend

This was one of those weekends to just hang out around the house. We started off Saturday morning by going to the Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast. We had to go a little early since the girls had dance class afterward. Since we were early, we didn't get to socialize with as many of the local citizenry, but we did see the girls' preschool teacher, the town judge and a few friends.

Today was the first day of dance class for Chloe and Pearl. We decided to split the girls up this year so that they wouldn't goof off together like they were beginning to do near the end of last season. They seemed to do just fine being apart.

The rest of the weekend was spent just playing around the house and going to the park. Chloe and Pearl played dress-up with a Dorothy outfit and a princess outfit. They really had fun doing that. Mom and Dad even managed to fit in a movie (with Chris).

Thursday, September 06, 2007

My Heart is Melting

Chloe has been asking me to "Check up" on her in preschool. Tuesday, I told her I would and then promptly forgot. Boy, did she remind me that evening!

Today, I wrote it on my calendar to be sure not to forget to stop by and see her in preschool. I arrived around 10 AM and just watched her from a distance for awhile. She was in the "Art Room" with two other children. The rest of the kids were in the main room.

Staff encouraged me to go in, so I walked up to Chloe and she had this disappointed look on her face. She asked, "Why are you taking me away?". I told her that I wasn't here to take her home, but rather to just check on her like I promised. She gave me a big smile and a hug and exclaimed "Mommy, you are getting bigger!" (Just what I wanted to hear) I think she meant it as a compliment.

I fastened her shoe and she ran off into the other room, leaving me behind with one of her teachers. Mrs. White turned to me and expressed what an adorable child she thought Chloe was. Of course, I took it to mean that my child was the most adorable child in the world. She then mentioned that Chloe nearly brought her to tears when she told her the story of her mommy and daddy going to China to get her when she was a little baby. Chloe has such a sweetness and she is so proud of her story and sharing it, that it just melts my heart.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Another Day of Celebration

Well, it seems as though Chris and Pete and many others had a great day of sailing. Pete was tired and sore. They arrived home the next day, so Mom and the girls didn't get a chance to celebrate Chris' birthday with her. We decided to go out to dinner and couldn't find a restaurant without long lines outside in 105 degree heat. Finally, we decided to try our favorite local Teppan restaurant. At 4:30, we made reservations for 5:30 and then we drove across town to buy Chloe and Pearl new shoes for school and dance class. Both girls loved their new shoes and we got back just in time for dinner.

We had been avoiding this place, largely because we didn't think Chloe would behave herself, but tonight she was great. Chloe and Pearl were amazed at the tricks performed by our chef and they really had fun playing with the chopsticks. It turned out to be a fun evening for the whole family.

After we came home, we celebrated Chris' birthday with another cake (lemon was all I could find on short notice) and some presents. I think Chloe and Pearl enjoyed it as much as Chris.

Chris' Birthday

Saturday September 1st was Chris' 17th birthday. We wanted to do something special, so we planned a day of sailing in Ventura with Pete's friend Marc. Marc is the only sailor we know and he is also a good friend, so he didn't mind spearheading this whole undertaking. We decided the girls were too young and out of control for this trip, so Mom stayed home with them. Fortunately, Chris took some pictures, so that I do have something to post. Perhaps in a few years, we can do this with Chloe and Pearl.