Sunday, September 09, 2007

An Ordinary Weekend

This was one of those weekends to just hang out around the house. We started off Saturday morning by going to the Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast. We had to go a little early since the girls had dance class afterward. Since we were early, we didn't get to socialize with as many of the local citizenry, but we did see the girls' preschool teacher, the town judge and a few friends.

Today was the first day of dance class for Chloe and Pearl. We decided to split the girls up this year so that they wouldn't goof off together like they were beginning to do near the end of last season. They seemed to do just fine being apart.

The rest of the weekend was spent just playing around the house and going to the park. Chloe and Pearl played dress-up with a Dorothy outfit and a princess outfit. They really had fun doing that. Mom and Dad even managed to fit in a movie (with Chris).


Lauren and Ed said...

Looks like those girls know how to have fun!

Anonymous said...

Lori and Pete, It really looks like you are all having so much fun. Sort of reminds me of when all you girls were at our house for a sleep over. So many cousins and so much to do. Wow everyone grows up so fast. The girls are very beautiful and so full of life. Keep up the good work and come see us when you have time.
Your San Jose Cousins,
Bruce & Lorene