Monday, November 20, 2006

National Adoption Day Celebration

Saturday was a reunion/get together with other families created through adoption. We went to a park in Thousand Oaks and it was a very warm (almost HOT) November day. When we arrived at 11 AM, our thermometer read 87 degrees. I remembered to pack the sunscreen and the cool tops, but I forgot to pack shorts for the girls. They had a lot of fun playing in the park while us parents tried to visit and reconnect. There was even a lady there who had just returned home from China with her 18 month old daughter the day before.

The organizer, Teresa is a mom to two, son Peter and daughter Caroline. Caroline and Chloe are both Sweet Peas; that means that Teresa and I both waited together as our paperwork was being processed at the same time. We and other waiting families at the time dubbed ourselves "Sweet Peas". We still keep in touch on a message group online where we can share stories of how our kids are doing. Caroline and Chloe are just 3 months apart.

Another internet friend that we got to meet was Lori P, mother of Sami, Mose and Donnea. Sami is from China and the other two are from domestic adoptions. We belong to a different group of friends online who all share the philosophy of adoption over biology. It was our first choice when we decided to form a family. We had no desire to bring more children into the world when we knew there were plenty out there in need of a family. Our lives could not have been more fulfilled.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I just love it - my fellow Sweet Peas!!!! What a great time!