Monday, December 18, 2006

Busy Busy Busy

Chloe and Pearl are doing great. We have all had a couple of colds already and seem to be in recovery mode for the time being. Lori's work is especially busy right now and in addition to some quick-looming deadlines, she also had to move offices. City Hall is overcrowded and they had to bring in a temporary trailer for office space. Mom is now working out of a trailer.

Thanksgiving was very nice although many family members were sick and it turned out to be a small group. December has brought lots of activities, performances, shows and parties to attend. The girls did fine with their first babysitting experience so that Mom and Dad could attend the city Christmas party.

Thursday December 14th, the whole family went to the Melodrama to see "Twas the Night Before Christmas". The girls ignored the show and spent the first act munching on massive quantities of popcorn and running circles around our table. Chloe and Pearl's friend, Gary, was also there and asked to sit with us so that he could be with Pearl. Gary's mom says that Gary wants to marry Pearl someday. Wow! It's starting already. We had fun, but Mom and Dad became exhausted trying to keep a handle on Chloe, so we left during intermission.

Monday December 18th was our big crunch day. Pearl and Chloe had their first stage performance in their dance class. They performed at the Melodrama and it was so cute to see all the little girls in their dance outfits parading around on stage. Both Pearl and Chloe did their best to stay on cue and go through the motions. Afterward, they had the opportunity to visit with Santa. While Chloe is very excited about Santa coming to her house, she wanted nothing to do with Santa in person. Pearl was more than happy to sit in Santa's lap.

Monday evening brought a second performance for Pearl. Her pre-school had a Christmas production and Pearl was an angel. We dressed her up in her prettiest red dress and Chloe pitched a fit until she could also wear her red dress too! During the entire performance, Chloe kept asking her father and mother if it was her turn yet. She wanted to go up on stage and sing Christmas songs too. Afterward, one of the other moms declared that Pearl was her granddaughter Shelby's best friend. She said that Shelby talks about Pearl every day. Funny, Pearl never mentioned Shelby. Wow! A marriage proposal and best friend after only 4 months in the US. I guess she is more popular than we anticipated. And here we thought Chloe was the social butterfly.

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