Thursday, November 01, 2007


Well, it has been another long hiatus since our last post. We have been busy going about our daily lives and having lots of fun. Pete has been getting excited about Halloween. It is his favorite holiday. As a result, that enthusiasm and anticipation rubbed off on all the girls, including Chris. Chris carved her first pumpkin the night before Halloween. She created a rather intricate dragon design and was up into the wee hours finishing her masterpiece.

Chloe dressed as a ladybug, complete with detachable wings. Pearl was dressed as a bee and Chris was a pirate. We went to a parade and party at the local park. There were hot dogs, balloons, jolly jumpers and lots of fun booths. The girls met up with another ladybug (same age as Chloe) and proceeded to play chase as only three insects high on excitement can. They were moving too fast for a good picture.

Chris met up with her Calculus teacher. You can see him pictured in a big fuzzy suit (maybe a dog?) hugging Chris. After the park, we took the girls trick-or-treating and then rushed home to pass out candy before the evening wound down. Pete inflated a mini-haunted house and placed it in front of our door. Guests had to come through it to receive their candy. I think I can safely speak for all of us that we had a marvelous time. Even Chris exclaimed "I cannot believe we don't do this in China!"

There are lots more great Halloween pics on Loving Lydia's blog. Check them out!


Beverly said...

Great costumes and a cute scrap page.


tiffany said...

Wow that is a very fancy carved pumpkin and some super cute trick or treaters. :)

-m- said...

What a neat page, and great costumes!!

Daisy said...

Mr. Eggleston suppose to be as "winnie the pooh" lol