Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring is Here

We have been having great weather here in our small town. As much as I hate what Daylight Savings Time does to my body, I really do love the long evenings and coming home to play with my girls outside. Sorry, no pictures of the little ones here. You will have to see the next post.

We have a Pear tree in our backyard. I have had more than one tree expert mention that it is the largest Pear tree they have ever seen (at least in our county). Due to its size, it takes a bit longer to flower out, but when it does, it is quite spectacular. The whole yard "hums" with the sound of bees. In fact, the tree is so large, that we cannot fit the whole thing into one picture, so you will just have to see it in parts. The tree sits very close to our living room, so occasionally during storms, large branches drop onto our roof. So far, no damage has occurred.

We have all been doing well. I have been too lazy to post, but we are just as busy as ever.

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