Tuesday, January 20, 2009

On the Way to Disneyland

We spent the bulk of the weekend at home, and then on Sunday, we left for Disneyland. We stopped by our friend's house in Los Angeles on the way. Dave, the dad, is a high school classmate of mine. His wife Denise is originally from Taiwan and they have two handsome sons Damian, and Ian. Damian is three months older than Pearl and his birthday is less than a week after Chloe's. He and Pearl seemed to have a fun time playing together.
David and Denise ordered pizza, but this was totally AWESOME pizza. I wish we had a "Numero Uno" pizzaria in our town. After that, we headed to the park where the kids could play and get out a little of their energy. We said our goodbyes after an hour at the park and then we headed the final hour on the road to the Disneyland Hotel, where we checked in and then proceeded to Downtown Disney to enjoy the shops and outdoor atmosphere. It was so much fun and the girls window-shopped. We told them they could make purchases the following evening on Chloe's birthday.


Jill said...

What cute pictures!
Have fun at Disneyland!!

Somewhere In The Sun said...

Okay, I think you are having just a bit too much fun the past couple of months! LOL I hope you have a blast at Disney and I can't wait to see the pictures.