Thursday, January 25, 2007


OK, so I was going over some of my pictures from the past few weeks and I made an amazing discovery. My girl Chloe looks just like a movie star. Yes, to me she looks like "Boo" from the movie "Monsters, Inc." Here are two photos for your comparison. I was trying to get a rare picture of Chloe with her hair in pigtails, but she would only make funny faces at me, which is why you haven't seen them until now. This was purely accidental, as I was not trying to make Chloe look like "Boo".


Beckyb said...

That is so funny -you are not kidding!!! It's funny too because we call our Chloe - "Boo" - even though I don't think she looks nearly as much like her as your Chloe!!

Teresa said...

I still call Peter "Boo" though not from the movie. It was a short version of "Boo-Boo" when he was little.

I was visiting my cousin in AZ when Caroline was about 18 months and she remarked that Caroline's babbling sounded a lot like Boo from Monster's Inc. Hmmmm. Another red thread of our Sweet Peas!


Teresa said...

Love the pictures of Chloe as Boo though. It's fun to finally see her hair in pigtails even if it doesn't last long. :)

Christie said...