Monday, February 05, 2007

Valentine Decorations Downtown

As is typical, our City has decorated for the next upcoming holiday, Valentine's Day. It was so cute with the big hearts and the teddy bears and of course, we could not drive by without the girls begging to stop each time. Finally, we had a moment on Saturday morning, so we stopped by and let the girls run wild. These are the pictures that resulted. Chloe and Pearl even had time to help the city with its weed control as they promptly picked all the dandelions and blew their heads off!

Later in the day, we drove them to a brand new gymnasium just 15 minutes from our home. This place looked unfinished on the outside, but inside it was PACKED! There were kids doing gymnastics and tumbling and dancing and swimming. We immediately signed both girls up for swimming lessons on Tuesday afternoons. Maybe when they are done with that, we can sign them up for beginner pre-k gymnastics. They are still taking their Monday morning dance classes at another building almost next door.


Beckyb said...

Too much fun - you live in a fun city!! Beautiful decorations and beautiful girls!!

Bruce said...

Lori and Pete, What wonderful pictures and stories about Chloe and Pearl. Give them both a hug from their cousins in San Jose.

Bruce & Lorene