Saturday, April 12, 2008

Chloe's Many Faces

We have been laying low and Mom has not been posting much lately, even though we have been having a lot of fun. Last week, was our 3 year anniversary of having Chloe in our lives as our daughter. We celebrated by taking her out to her favorite restaurant, "The Peanut Place" also know as "Roadhouse Grill". Chloe calls it the peanut place because they serve you peanuts in the shell and you can throw the shells on the floor. Peanuts are one of the few food items that Chloe loves, so we know she won't go hungry. Later, we gave her flowers and balloons and watched the video of her joining her family. She was such a sweet little baby.

We can hardly believe it's been three years. Chloe is still Momma's little baby. We remember the trip so well when became a family. What a great moment!

These pictures are from this morning as Chloe was getting ready for dance class. Chloe poses now when she sees the camera, just like her big sister Pearl. She tries to look demure and bashful. What a sweetheart she is!

Stay tuned for pictures from Pearl's 5th birthday party celebration. She turned 5 last week, but we will be celebrating tomorrow at a party place.

Signing off for now,

One very happy Mamma

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Donna said...

Happy 3 year anniversary! Isn't it amazing how time flies? Chloe is as lovely as ever. She's such a bright happy girl!

Give her (and Pearl) a big hug from us.