Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dancing Girl

I guess this is the lull before the storm. We haven't been blogging much these past couple of months, but we do have a lot of fun activities planned in the upcoming weeks. It's time to get out the camera and start documenting our girls.

Last week I took Pearl to her future school to be evaluated for Kindergarten. I had no idea there was a test to get in. They quizzed her on her numbers, shapes and colors. Then they asked her to write her name. Finally, they turned the paper over and asked her to draw a picture of herself. She was really doing a nice job (five year old style) and when she appeared to be finished, she paused and asked the lady if she could draw her sister too. Well, that seemed to impress the ladies observing and Pearl proceeded to draw a second figure. After the two figures were complete, Pearl started drawing more oval shapes and the lady asked her if she was drawing her whole family. Pearl looked at her with a slightly exasperated expression and said "I am not drawing my family. I am drawing balloons." She continued to draw two balloons for herself and two balloons for her sister. Each balloon had a different design. One had a smiley face, one had a bunny rabbit and one was decorated with polka dots. Not knowing how long Pearl was going to continue, I almost interrupted. Then Pearl matter-of-factly handed over the drawing and exclaimed "I'm done!" It really was a cute moment and I wished that I had brought the camera.

Tonight we are just hanging out in the living room. For Pearl's birthday, her Aunt Lahatha sent a CD player for Pearl and a second one for Chloe. Now Chloe likes to turn on the music and dance to it. She really likes to pretend she's a ballerina. It was so cute that I had to take a couple of pictures. Sorry I didn't get Pearl in these. She was studying flash cards at the time and is getting ready to read. Not really a great photo op.

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