Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

We woke up Christmas morning at our home in the Central Valley, but we stayed only long enough for the girls to open some of their presents. Unfortunately, we purchased two leapsters and only one worked. The girls had to share their gift and take turns, so Mom and Dad got to play referee and timekeeper...bummer.

We returned to our vacation home in Carmel and these pictures are of the girls playing with their stocking stuffers on Christmas night. I learned an important lesson today: Don't let your kids play with slinkys if they are wearing magnetic earrings (see picture of girls wrapping slinkys around their heads).

A couple of weeks ago, Pearl was having her hair trimmed (after attempting to do it herself) in the local salon, when Bubbles (our hairdresser) asked her what Santa was going to bring her. Much to my surprise, she said "slippers". Then Bubbles asked her what color, and to my dismay, she replied "rainbow". Well, I had my work cut out for me, but I think I did a pretty good job, don't you?

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Gail said...

Adorable !!! Great job Santa, on the slippers. Where did Santa get the PJs? They are cute too.

Blessings, Gail