Friday, November 06, 2009

Fix It Friday #35


This week's picture was way too perfect to start off with, so I was challenged to come up with different ways to edit it rather than "fix" it. I have been having a lot of fun making up presets in Lightroom. Mostly I create presets to give a unique color cast to an image, like purple or gold. With this picture, I sharpened and brightened the eyes in Photoshop. The rest is simple playing with the colors. I am showing several variations here. To see other edits, click here.


Cyndi said...

Lori, you constantly amaze me! I think I need to look into this photoshop thing! I take thousands of pictures a year and travel all over the world. I am confident I could make a few of them dazzle like you do....sigh...great...another project! :o) You are fabulous, Lady! ;o)

Jen said...

love your first edit- very natural!

Leah and Maya said...

presets, out of my league. I relaly like allthe differnt ways you edited, its amazing how different all the pictures are, then trying to choose your favorite, another difficult choice.

Wanda said...

Gorgeous edits. And I love the variations.

You really beautified her eyes. They're stunning. So, is Photoshop the only program that can do eyes like that? I have Lightroom but spending another $1,000 just for the eyes makes me a bit dizzy.

You really do wonderful work, Lori. You've a great eye.

Cindy said...

Lori just love the edit! What a fab job you did!
SHe is so beautiful love the lips you made a perfect picture!


Cindy said...

forgot to say what a great fix it Friday you did accomplish!