Thursday, November 19, 2009

Staying Home

The Flu
Today I had lots of big plans at work. I had an appointment with an accountant to audit one of my projects. I have three contractors scheduled to perform various tasks on another project and I have paperwork and design work to do for my next project. It was supposed to be productive.

But then, stuff happens when you're busy making plans. Here it started around midnight. Chloe woke me up to tell me her tummy hurt, just in time to make it to the bathroom. And so it began. Now it is 13 hours later and she is still sick to her school, no work, no rest. I am hoping Dad can step in and give me a break in a little while.

I took a picture of her sitting by the fireplace, snuggled in a blanket. If only she felt as good as she looked. I am also throwing in a couple of miscellaneous pictures. One is a family portrait I took a couple of weeks ago. I cannot believe how difficult it is to get 13 people to not blink or make a funny face at the same time, especially when 5 are children. I don't really see a future in this for me, but it was sure fun to try.
Learning Curve

Yesterday it was cloudy and gloomy all day. We didn't get any precious rain, just the clouds. Finally, right at sunset, the clouds broke apart enough to allow for a beautiful scene. I had to steal away a few minutes early to capture this image just down the road from my house.

I've got the girls to myself this weekend. Dad is going sailing to Catalina Island with friends. Hopefully, if we are all feeling well, we can get out and do something fun as well. Until next time!
Shafter Sunset


Leah and Maya said...

I hope no one else gets sick, thats just not fun at all. I thought your family protrait looked pretty good, I mean relaly I don't think its possible to get everyone smiling and looking in one photo. I love your sunset pictures that is really gorgeous.

Donna said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry Chloe is sick. I wish I could look at good when I'm sick.

Maddy was home sick yesterday for the same reason. Today, all is well though.

My tip about group photos? Try shooting a bunch of pics without moving your camera and then go into your favorite photo editing program and swap heads! I do that ALL THE TIME! Seriously, if you ever see too good photos of my kids you can rest assured that I photo swapped someone's head!


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Rachel said...

So sorry Chloe is sick - I hope she feels better soon!

Wanda said...

I hope Chloe is feeling better very soon. In perfect shape for your girl's week-end.

Your sunset picture is really beautiful.

Enjoy your week-end!

Hannah said...

I hope she is feeling better. She sure is the prettiest sick baby I have seen :)

I think you did great on your shots. They look amazing!

Carolin said...

bless her heart, hope she is feeling better soon! and that you get some rest too!