Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Full Weekend

Things started happening around Thursday. That's when Chloe woke up and her tooth was hurting her again, but this time worse. Pain had been coming and going over the past week, but now it was continuous and strong. Nearly two years ago, Chloe banged into a little boy head first and badly hurt her front two teeth. At the time, the dentist was able to save her teeth. Now two years later, the roots were decaying and painful cysts were forming in the gum line.

I had to cancel an evaluation with the eye doctor in order to get Chloe in with the dentist. I thought they were going to remove only the painful tooth, but as it turned out, the other tooth was also damaged and another cyst was forming. He recommended to remove them and I asked if he could do it on the spot rather than having to make another appointment.

Chloe was a champ through the whole procedure. Sometimes she amazes me. Even I got a little squeamish when I saw the dentist twisting and pulling on her teeth. Amazingly, this procedure had very little impact on Chloe's smile. That's because her upper lip is larger than I realized. For most of Chloe's smiles, you cannot even see her front two teeth. For the picture, I had to ask her to give me a REALLY big smile to show that they were missing.

Also Thursday, several packages arrived in the mail. Three of them were a sewing cabinet that I had ordered. It came in lots of little pieces with dozens of different kinds of hardware. It was probably the most ambitious piece of furniture that I have ever ordered with the intent to assemble. And while I do have the greatest husband in the world, he is definitely NOT a handyman. This was a project that I would pretty much have to do all on my own, except when I needed more hands for holding.

On Saturday, I began construction on my new sewing cabinet. I am embarrassed to say, but it took me nearly the whole day to assemble it. It was missing a couple of pieces and some pieces came damaged, but I was able to complete it and I will be able to replace the damaged parts later when they arrive. It has been over a year since I last sewed anything, but now I have a workspace and I am ready to get back into the swing of things.

As a reward for all my hard work, dear Hubby took me and the kids out to Tahoe Joe's for a wonderful dinner. I was sure to save half for later.

Sunday morning, I awoke early (almost unheard of for this NON-morning person) and I went out to shoot some sunrise photos in the local vineyards. My boss had asked me if I had any vineyard pictures and I told him that I did not, but that I would get some. I hope he likes them.

Later Sunday, Dad took the girls to the movies to see "How to Train a Dragon", while I caught a quick nap and then proceeded to clean out the ENTIRE garage. Yes, I got to every box, pile, and stack. I sorted it all and I should have taken a picture. It looks so good! After I cleaned it out, I dusted and wiped down all of the storage containers. Sweet!! What a rewarding and productive weekend.

After a nice home-cooked meal Sunday evening, we all sat down as a family and watched Chloe's favorite movie, "The Sound of Music". She calls it "Maria". Gotta go. It's family time!


Sharon Ankerich said...

Wow... lots of news! I LOVE your pics in the vineyard... would love to see your editing process. And sweet Chloe- what a brave little girl. She's just adorable. And what an awesome sewing cabinet. Can't wait to see what you crank out now!

Donna said...

Wow! I saw these on my iphone first and they were impressive but they totally rock here! What a breathtakingly beautiful sunrise!

That sewing cabinet looks great too. I really hate putting things together and was happy as heck when Michael got old enough to do it for me. Can't wait until my girls learn that skill! ;)

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Wanda said...

Wow...what a woman. Gotta job to be done? Outta the way - Lori's coming through!!

First, those vineyard shots are stunning. Your boss will love them. The sky is breathtaking.

Enjoy the sewing cabinet. I love it - everything within fingers reach and fold it up after and voila - a beautiful piece of furniture. (You did a great assmebly job too.)

Your week-end was inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

Have a great week!

Leah and Maya said...

so why don't you just teach some of us in an editing class, REALLY!!!!! I think your boss will LVOE those photos!
Poor little girl, doesn't sound like much fun at all. My niece did the same thing and now they are out as well but really its not noticeable at all and doens't seem to bother her.

Hannah said...

Your pictures always amaze me. I love the vineyard pictures. They just glow with beauty.

LOVE the sewing cabinet. I am trying to learn how to sew and that looks pretty cool!

Dana Yi Photography said...

The vineyard pictures are simply stunning!!!!