Friday, April 23, 2010

Fixit Friday #51


It's been months since I participated in this challenge. I just sort of dropped out of all things photography for awhile. But now I am back, and just as excited to learn new things as I ever was.

This week's challenge was fun. The shot was so good to begin with that I bet many would not even considering "fixing" it. Here is my attempt, which mostly focuses on brightening and sharpening the eyes, removing the snowflake off her forehead and cropping/rotating the image.

I did all of my edits in Photoshop CS4. To see everyone else's edit on this lovely photo, go to I Heart Faces.



Dana Yi Photography said...

This looks great. You did a fantastic job at removing the snowflake. I'm glad you are back from your break from photography

Leah and Maya said...

wonderful job! so gla dyou are posting pics again, you take and edit so beautifully I love to see it andhope to aspire to it.

Donna said...

That's such a fantastic edit! Wow!


Annie said...

Beautiful!!! She has gorgeous blue eyes!!!!

Buckeroomama said...

I LOVE your edit of this photo. My edit of this particular picture did not turn out as well... too dark. :)

mommy24treasures said...

great crop.
I am so sorry about Chloe's teeth. My Chloe is amazingly brave at the dentist too! I am glad she did so well! I think her smile is beautiful!!!!!!!