Saturday, May 08, 2010


It's been a very long time since I took the girls somewhere with the specific purpose of taking their pictures. Usually, I just bring the camera along to whatever activity we have planned to capture the moment. These past couple of weeks, I have been taking portraits for friends, so I thought it was about time that I take some pictures of my girls.

This post will solely be devoted to Chloe. The next one will be devoted to Pearl. Chloe has been in our lives since we met her as a 14 month old baby. While the first six months were a little rocky, every moment since then has been more wonderful than the one before. She is my intuitive, sensitive deep thinker. She's cheerful, enthusiastic and loving (in a very touchy-feely mushy way). She learns things in her own way and does not easily follow direction or structure. She has taught me that there is more than one way to accomplish a task.

Chloe has been undergoing vision therapy for about 8 months. Her lazy eye has improved considerably and while her eyes are usually misaligned a bit, they are much straighter than before. She has total ability to straighten her eyes at will, so that is our major focus these next 12 weeks. It was so nice that she could keep her eyes straight for this photo shoot. In the past, I either had to do some major Photoshop or I had to discard perfectly good pictures because her eyes were misaligned. I am very impressed that she has worked so hard to get this far.


Dana Yi Photography said...

Wow I love all the pictures. So pretty. I especially like the use of texture.

tiffany said...

Beautiful pix of a beautiful girl! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. :)

Mission To Macie said...


my favorite is the 2nd to last....too cute!

Leah and Maya said...

I started with Pearl then scrolled down on my dashboard to chloe. Beautiful pictures of course, loved hearing about her too! I love their different personalities!

Annie said...

Your girls are beautiful, simply beautiful!!!

Sharon Ankerich said...

Beautiful!!! Her eyes are so captivating!!!

Donna said...

Chloe's eyes are so beautiful! I'm glad she's able to control the lazy one better now. And your photo editing really makes them SHINE!

When you tell your story of the girls, it reminds me so much of our story. Chloe is so much like Gwen and Pearl is so much like Maddy. But they're all unique and perfect in their own lovely way.


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Teresa said...

wow..they are all gorgeous, I love the angles and focus you use! It sounds like you are doing a lot of photosessions now, thanks for the comments on my blog! I would never know that Chloe had anything going on with her eyes from these, she's a really beautiful little girl!