Thursday, May 27, 2010

A College Reunion

Well, I won't be posting any pictures of my college reunion. Partly, because this blog is supposed to be about Chloe and Pearl, and partly because I left my camera in the car. Yes, I was too embarrassed or lazy or whatever to get my camera out of the car. Sometimes I get like that.

Pete and I both met in college and we both majored in architectural engineering. It was fun to share experiences with fellow alumni and even a couple of our professors. After a few hours singing the blues about how the economy has affected the engineering and construction business, it was off to revisit the old campus and town.

This was the view from our hotel (above).

The next day we stopped by a local park to have a playdate with a couple of other families with children from China. This last picture is of the girls with their new friends.


Kayce said...

Beautiful pics of one of my favorite places in California and being in SLO this time of year is always full of color and fun.

Hannah said...

Love the pictures, I would have trouble taking my camera in too. I can stalk my kids friends but not my friends :)

Donna said...

I had no idea Pearl's pretty coat was RED! Funny how you get a certain idea of things when you see them in black and white...

The view from your hotel room is unbelievable. Seriously. Are you sure that wasn't the painting hanging in your hotel room and you confused it with the view out your window?

I love SLO. We usually have our travel group reunion there but we're moving to somewhere else this year. Bummer.

Lovely photos, as always! The one with the horses really blows me away. Beautiful textures and post processing! Looks like fine art!

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Wanda said...

Wow....really great shots. I love the post processing. You've really developed a distinct style.

The the horses - unreal!!

Have a great week-end.

Teresa said...

Makes me want to do a road trip down to SLO. Beautiful portraits of them, I love the colors/tones! The horse image is amazing!

Sharon Ankerich said...

Such gorgeous images! EK LOVED the horses... breathtaking!

Teresa said...

The girls are growing up so fast! Beautiful photos. You are becoming a great photographer and may have yet another career :)