Sunday, June 13, 2010

Catching Up

I keep intending to update this blog. I have pictures and we have been doing some fun, although laidback, activities this summer. The girls have been out of school for two weeks now. They spent last week at Vacation Bible School. Saturday, a school friend invited them over for a playdate. How cool it was that Mom and Dad could have a little time together without the girls. One week from now, we will be starting a summer vacation. This year we will not be traveling to Europe or Hawaii, but instead, will meet up with some friends at Disneyland. Hopefully, we can squeeze in a few more vacation days this summer and plan a few road trips around California.

My attention has been a bit side-tracked lately. I have another blog that has been garnering a lot of my attention this week and I expect it to monopolize a lot of my time over the next year. I have made a commitment to myself to do a 365 project. That is, I will be taking a picture a day, every day, for the next year. And to make it especially challenging, I will be the subject of most of the pictures. This is particularly difficult for me because I am very uncomfortable in front of the camera. I am unhappy with my appearance and am working to make a significant lifestyle change by becoming more healthy and losing weight. So far, this year, I am down 38 pounds, but I really need to drop another hundred. Therefore, this project is a means of documenting my progress over time, as well as holding myself accountable to my goal. So please bear with me if this blog may seem a little slim on postings or if it might have a few too many shots of me, rather than my children. This blog is supposed to be all about Chloe and Pearl. They are one of the main reasons that I am committed to changing my lifestyle. I want to be able to enjoy an active lifestyle with them and I intend to keep up with their energy and encourage them to challenge themselves both mentally and physically.

I'll try to keep the focus of this blog on the girls, but for this post, I'm making an exception.


Sharon Ankerich said...

It is finally SO GREAT to see you! Love the pics you posted today!!! Always love reading your posts and know you are so excited about your vacation! I know EK would love Disney- she has never been but we have been throwing around the idea of taking her to Hong Kong Disney when we fly in before we get SJ. A VERY fun time for EK before life as she knows it changes forever. Can't wait!!!

Christine said...

It is nice to see a picture of your family. Your girls are beautiful, and that is a nice picture. You inspire me to get busy with my little family.

Leah and Maya said...

Gorgeous family picture, love your box of you! Good luck, sounds like a tough challenge!

Wanda said...

I have so much I want to say. First - I love it when (long-time) bloggers finally "out" themselves and show their faces. I love the warmth of your family picture. It just finishes off what I mentally have in my head every time I visit. Thank you.

You've set an admirable goal for yourself and I will humbly and gladly be in your cheering committee - enjoying your progress. You're right - our blogs may be all about the kiddos but if we are not healthy and happy with ourselves - we not passing on the right message to them. Good for you for having your priorities straight. I really wish you all the best.

The boxes - what a wild edit. It is sooo cool. I can just imagine a whole wall of them, framed. Love it!

Enjoy your vacation times ahead. I'll be following along.


Mission To Macie said...

LOVE the family photo!

Jill :)

aamayna said...

Wow...that last photo is so cool! Congrats on loosing the weight! I am going to check your blog to a link to the other site....I have been thinking about doing this too !

mommy24treasures said...

I love the pics! Beautiful.

Hannah said...

I love the picture of all four of you!

I think it is great that you are one the road to a healthier lifestyle. I am on the same path...just trying so hard to make that time for me.

I love your photography style and can't wait to see more!

Daisy Dreams said...

Great family photo. And love the "boxes" of you too!

Katrina said...

How cool is that???