Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas With Love

Somehow I managed to get all the presents wrapped and everything ready for Christmas with a whole day to spare. I had time to knit a scarf last night and today I even got to play with my camera. I saw a tutorial on how to make shaped bokeh (blurry or geometric shapes in the background) and decided to do hearts. I cannot believe it actually worked! This is one of the packages I wrapped (I made the bow too) in front of the Christmas tree. The colored hearts are the lights on the tree.


Leah and Maya said...

Wow before I even read anythign I thought, wow how cool the lights turned out to be hearts, but see I had no idea you could actually do it. I shot my cousin and her husband and child at 5.6f and had them all blurry, what the heck? never had that problem before. Is there something I could ahve done? you always are shooting 2 girls am I missing something. I do have my focla point set at the center, because typically I"m just shooting Maya but I thought at 5.6 I should be fine. The worst part was I couldn't see it on the screen so until I downloaded them I thought they were fine, the best part is I could save some in photoshop elements.

Hannah said...

That is beautiful. I have always wanted to try the shaped bokeh. Yours turned out amazing! Your bow is great too. I am so not good at wrapping. It's kind of sad how bad I wrap...usually my husband takes over for me :)