Wednesday, April 04, 2007

2 Year Gotcha Anniversary

I can hardly believe it was just two short years ago today that a 14 month old quiet and curious baby was placed in my arms. At the time, I couldn't sense that she was sick and scared. Having never much held a baby, she seemed heavy and I couldn't find a comfortable position. I was unsure of myself as a mother and I was apprehensive of the work and effort that lay before me. It wasn't love at first site, but I really liked my little daughter and I promised to myself and to China that I would never neglect, abandon or abuse her.

Now, even when I am at work, I can hardly think about Chloe without a happy tear coming to my eyes or at least a fond smile. She is truly the light of my life (and now I finally know what that saying means)! She is funny, smart, SILLY, affectionate, sensitive, loving, sporty, stubborn, fussy and active. She is shy with strangers (and sometimes even family) in public, but get them into our home, and she will monopolize the conversation, never letting Mom get a word in edgewise. For now, she is the leader of her older sister, who looks to her for guidance and companionship. The two are the best of friends, more than any mom could ask for. She loves to dance and sing (off key) and her smile is infectious. Sometimes just a look will cause Mom to laugh uncontrollably.

As I remember back to that first moment, I recall that I had preferred an older child or toddler. Now I would give almost anything to have had this wonderful child from the moment she entered the world!

Hopefully, pictures will follow within a couple of days!

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Beckyb said...

We are reliving that two -year anniversary as well - I remember so well our AugDTC group and the fun emails we shared!!! Our thoughts are with you - such blessings we've been given!!