Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Sunday at Sea World

Pearl turned 4 on Easter Sunday. Her birthday party is scheduled for next Saturday. We spent the day at Sea World with our friends from Alaska, Taylor, Jeff and daughter Chase. Jeff and Taylor adopted Chase at the same time we adopted Chloe. We were in the same travel group and we haven't seen them in two years, although we keep in touch via the internet.

Chase is 5 months younger than Chloe, but she is larger and taller than Pearl. She is a sweet child with a mellow and relaxed personality and a lovely smile. She was very patient at Sea World, which is more than I can say for our rambunctious whirlwind Chloe. Chloe cannot tolerate standing in line or waiting for a show, so Mom and Chloe missed out on a few of the events while Pearl, Chase and their parents had fun. Chloe had fun too, but it was in the sandbox and the toddler play area where she could boss around the two year olds and steal their foam blocks to build her giant castle. It was actually quite amusing to watch her run all over the bouncy floor mat collecting all of the cushions and trying to retrieve the ones that were reclaimed by the other kids. Thank goodness, no fights broke out and fun was had by all.

Unfortunately, the digital camera that we brought into the park had dead batteries. We purchased a disposable camera and will have to wait for the pictures to be developed...........the old-fashioned way. So for now, no pictures of Sea World.

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