Thursday, April 05, 2007

This Morning's Conversation

As usual, Chloe got up very early to sneak into bed with me. But it was too late for her to fall back to sleep, so we cuddled for a few moments and she began speaking.

Pointing to the ceiling she exclaims, "Mama, look at those beams." As an engineer, we have already introduced our children to some construction terminology. I say, "Yes. Those are beams."

"I like beams." Chloe replys. Then she says, "I like to eat beams." Now I realize she likes to eat "B-E-A-N-S". I chuckle and point to the big one on the diagonal and say "That one is a hip beam". To which she just laughs and says "Hippo beam? No Mom, Hippo bottom".

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