Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Gotcha Clothing Foto Challenge

Once again, we are responding to a challenge, this time to take pictures of our children in the clothes they were wearing when we met them for the first time, AKA, Gotcha Clothes. These first three pictures are Chloe and Pearl today modeling the clothes that we first saw them in.

These are the clothes that came with Pearl and Chloe. Pearl's dress fit her better today than it did when we met her. Her little purple sandals were so cute that she continued to wear them last summer long after Gotcha. They are now put away for safe keeping. It was very hot on both days, even though we met Chloe in April. She was bundled up in a sweater with a heavy quilted jacket and pants. She had cute little socks that had a bear on them and read "hooP" which is of course, "Pooh" backwards. She also had some Mickey Mouse shoes. The clothes were very big then, and as I suspected, she can wear them just fine now, although the outer jacket doesn't button up anymore.

These two pictures are of Pearl (8 months ago)and Chloe (2 years ago) when we first met them.


Sophie's Mom said...

Awe... They've grown so much! Love the outfits, and the girls are adorable!
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katie said...

Very cute outfit. Ryleigh's IS very similary has a tiger on it, and is corduroy with the vest....I was so happy she came in something nice and new..

Stacey Teague said...

Woops, that above comment was from me. Someone else was signed in on my pc. said...

Outfits are too cute!! Rony