Sunday, May 20, 2007


Tonight we had the girls try out their costumes for their big dance recital to be held on June 12th. We didn't have the hats and tights and shoes, but here is the tutu. It is so cute on the girls. I had no idea yellow could be so adorable. I forgot what they are supposed to be, whether it's little duckies or bees, but I will just refer to them as buttercups for now. I don't like to keep "stuff", but I do think these outfits will make it into the vault. So CUTE!!!!


thorvet said...

I love yellow! I didn't used to like it, but I love it now! My room is done in a "apple cider" yellow and Caroline's room is done in bright yellow!

Yellow clothing looks great on their complexions too!

Someday, I may have to take a trip to the Atascader Zoo! :)


Sophie's Mom said...

Oh yes, those dresses are keepers! Your girls are beautiful! Congrats!