Monday, May 07, 2007

We are Getting Another Daughter!

For a year, that is.

SiWei Kang, going by the nickname "Chris", will be joining our family for a school year in an international exchange program. Chris will be the second daughter that we have hosted and she will also be the second student from Beijing China. The girls are already looking forward to meeting their "big sister".

Our first experience with Daisy Liu was amazing. She was such a sweet, quiet and adventurous young girl. We miss her dearly. She is now attending college in Manchester England. We hope that Chris will be even half as much fun to have around, and from her letter and family pictures, it seems she will.

Chris will be attending the high school across the street from our home. She will come with her own money, health insurance and personal items. Hosting an exchange student is a wonderful experience as you learn about other cultures, philosophies, ideas and what you have in common. We hope to show Chris a great time and we hope our appreciation of her home country (our daughter's heritage) will also be deepened.

If you are interested in hosting a student, there are many still waiting to find a host family before the school year begins in August. Now is the frantic search for people willing to open their home and their hearts to these courageous kids.

To learn more about hosting an exchange student, click <here>.


thorvet said...

How fun, Lori! You and I know the joys of hosting students. She looks like she will fit in just fine with your family! We may host another student this summer, but we'll see. Depends on the teacher/coordinator.

The girls look as happy and cute as always!


BruceRiley said...

Dear Lori and Pete, Chloe and Pearl,

What a wonderful history your creating here. I have printed it out so that Lorene can see and admire what you have done. We are looking forward to seeing you guys again in June. We can hardly wait. Please keep blogging the girls activities.
Your Cousins,
Bruce & Lorene