Monday, June 04, 2007

Getting Lazy

OK. So we haven't been doing NOTHING these past couple of weeks. We just haven't been very good about taking pictures or blogging. Two weekends ago, we went to the cabin to visit with Uncle Mike and Aunt Nancy. We had a lot of fun playing and going to the park. For a Memorial Day weekend, we just had a nice time relaxing at both the cabin and at home.

Later in the week, we had a nice evening Thursday night. The girls had their regular swimming lessons. For the first time, I saw noticeable improvement. The girls are almost able to dog-paddle their way to the edges of the pool. They are swimming very well underwater, retrieving objects on the bottom with ease. After swimming, we went to dinner at Mom and Dad's favorite Mexican restaurant. Then after dinner, we went to a nice shopping area known as "The Marketplace". There we bought new sandals for Chloe and since Pearl didn't need sandals, we purchased a fancy hair bow for her in red, white and blue. Both girls also received a new pair of sunglasses. We left the shoe store and strolled over to the outdoor fountain, where the girls played and ran around, begging for coins to throw in. Naturally, Dad was eager to dispose of his loose pocket change. Now that the girls worked up a sweat, we decided to go to the ice cream shop for a final treat before returning home. Chloe is a chocolate-lover (like Mom) and Pearl is a vanilla-lover. It is always interesting to see how different these girls are and how well they get along.

Next post will include pictures.

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BruceRiley said...

We are really looking forward to your visit later this month. Brenda said that she and Jerry will be in Oregon visiting his mother. Otherwise, they would have come over to see you guys. I am really enjoying seeing your blog posts and staying up to date with the girls lives.