Friday, June 15, 2007

Sisterly Love---FFFF Challenge #35

This weeks challenge posted by Donna over at Double Happiness is "LOVE". Chloe and Pearl love each other very much and have been best friends from DAY 1. I wasn't sure what to post until I remembered how hard it was to get a Christmas picture of the two girls together. They were having so much fun acting silly with each other that I couldn't get a straight face. These pictures are the "out-takes". My apologies to "Just Another Mommy" for stealing her great idea.

It's already over 100 degrees here, so maybe a flashback to Christmas is a nice reprieve.

3 comments: said...

Little "hams". So cute....

MississippiZen said...

I love the looks on their faces. Priceless :)

mexican chopsticks said...

Thank you for your comment!
Teaching Emma Spanish and English is so much fun and work.
You have two sweet little cute little girls!
Have fun in Carmel!!