Friday, June 29, 2007


The cough is still lingering and work is piling up at the office, but now it is Friday evening and we have time for a break. As usual, when I come home from work, Dad is outside playing with the girls. Today they have their swimsuits on and are watering the plants and each other with the garden hose. I took the opportunity to snap some photos, nothing award-winning, but still fun.

I just learned that we won't have to host a big dinner the week after next and the news couldn't come at a better time since our housecleaner and gardener both quit. The place is looking a little shabby and I am not feeling up to detailing.

Gotta go. The girls want dinner and Play Doh!


winterskeeper said...

Lori, Pearl eats like Wolfie and Chloe eats like Winter Hope!! Makes meal times fun, doesn't it?? Love your blog.

mexican chopsticks said...

"nothing award-winning"? Are you being funny? They are so cute and one of kind!!

Emma will be getting wet on the 4th of July so I can't wait to take photos of her little tummy!!

By the way, are you teaching your daughters Spanish?


BruceRiley said...

Lori, I can tell by the resturants you visit that you two are coniseurs of fine dining. I have been to both Woolgrowers and Bill Lees. Had some of the finest chinese soup there. And by adding Malibu Grill you are truly world citizens. [GRIN] Love reading about the girls. Be sure and stop in next time you are up.

Bruce & Lorene
San Jose, CA.