Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Weekend Getaway-Saturday morning in San Jose

After being a long-term admirer of Donna T and her blog at "Double Happiness", I had to sneak in a visit to meet her and her husband Andrew and their two precious virtual twins, Gwenny and Maddy. Maddy is from the same small orphanage as Chloe and by my calculations, their stay overlapped a period of approximately three months. That would be dependent upon when Maddy was placed into foster care. Maddy has been with them for less than a year. In fact, Donna and Andrew were in China adopting Maddy at the same time we were in China adopting Pearl. Small world.

We attempted to pose all four girls together and not surprisingly, not one of the girls was thrilled with the prospect. I think it looks like we placed them all on the "naughty bench".

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Donna said...

My gosh! You had a VERY busy weekend!

It was wonderful to get to meet you and, of course, Chloe and Pearl are two of the sweetest little cuties ever! I wish we could have gotten the kids to smile for the camera but they sure were being stubborn, huh!

I'll give you a call next time we go to Carmel so you can tell us all the good (ie kid friendly) spots!