Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Weekend Getaway-Monday in Pacific Grove

Wow this trip has been filled with lots of visiting and lots of traveling. Chloe and Pearl are excellent travelers and they LOVE hotel rooms. We spent our last evening at the Monterey Bay Inn on Cannery Row and when we entered the room, Chloe exclaimed, "This is a NICE room!" Yes, indeed.

Coincidence brought us one more opportunity to visit with Brenda and Jerry for lunch in Pacific Grove. We spent the morning playing on the cliffs of PG looking for squirrels to feed. We didn't find very many squirrels, but Chloe and Pearl have learned what bothersome pests seagulls can be. We literally had one stalking us and he hovered over our heads and followed us wherever we went. Apparently, he is a big fan of Doritos Nacho Chips.


thorvet said...

So cute, Lori! How fun to visit so many friends (virtual ones included!)

By the way, if you want to feed squirrels and bunnies, come to my house. Maybe if you feed them, they will leave my garden alone! ;) I can't grow lettuce because they will eat it down to the root. The squirrels used to eat the peaches on our tree, leaving the pit still firmly attached to the branch (a neat trick!). We don't have the tree anymore, but we stil have squirrels and bunnies!


mexican chopsticks said...

It looks like the weather was beautiful. I love PG!
Thanks so much for visiting my blog!!