Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rough Start Great Finish

Monday mornings aren't usually any worse than any other morning around here. I am careful to keep the girls in a routine and to be sure they get enough sleep. This week, one thing had changed that I had no control over.....the weather.

It was a cold morning (by local standards) and I was digging through Chloe's winter clothing drawers reacquainting myself with the selections. Chloe didn't want to get up, as is often the case, but a little bit of babying and cuddling usually works like a charm. This time, Chloe was feeling a little cranky.

I wanted to dress her especially nice today because not only did she have preschool, but there was an Open House tonight and she was "Star of the Week". I pleaded with her to wear one of the jumper dresses I made for her, but she cannot get her mind to appreciate the concept of "layers".

She cries when I try to get her to wear a blouse under the jumper. Instead, she digs down into her summer wardrobe drawer and pulls out a tank/T-shirt top with a brand name logo on it........not my idea of proper fall school attire. She fights, she cries, she resists. It takes both her father and me to wrestle on a modest long-sleeved knit dress and leggings. She is too hysterical for me to do her hair....I yell angrily at her as her father rushes her out to the car, late for daycare. She wasn't the only one in tears that morning.

A little later, I stop by the school to drop off 5 carefully selected pictures of Chloe for the Star of the Week poster board. As I check on her I notice she is sporting cute braids, compliments of her daycare provider. She is almost as happy to see me as I am to see her. She is COLD and wants to stay in the classroom while the other kids play outside, but the teacher makes her go with the other kids. I ask her where the sweater is that I packed, but it was obvious that she left it at daycare. We made up and she reluctantly admits that I was right about the weather.

When I arrive home from work, Chloe is sitting in the Time Out chair for heaving a toy refrigerator (doll house-sized) at her sister. The day seems to be continuing on it's previous path. I decided to dress Chloe up extra fancy (probably too much) for the Open House because I know she will be singing on stage for us. This time when I pull out the black velvet winter dress with the pink ribbon skirt, Chloe's face lights up in approval. I even fix her hair, curl the ends, and put in the "Princess Bow" that we reserve for special occasions. Chloe is wound up and joyfully exuberant. She keeps kissing me and squeezing my face!

For the past three years, any time Chloe has appeared on stage (6-9 times), she has succumbed to stage fright. I recall one dance recital where she turned her back to the audience, squatted on the floor, and played with a ribbon, while the other toddlers danced around her. For this evening, we had hope, but no expectations.

I don't know what happened to my shy girl, but Chloe was participating full throttle, waving her arms and hands and singing and having fun through all three songs. Her father and I were sooooooooooo proud of her efforts, especially knowing how difficult this has always been for her. Her teacher asked me about her special blanket from China and commented on the great story and how beautiful it was. This was the second time she mentioned that. She also mentioned that Chloe was coming out of her shell, totally quiet and shy last year, and quite the talker this year.

We rushed home to view the videos after the Open House ended and it was just as much fun to watch the second and third time around. Dad just couldn't get over how well his little Chloe did! Me too!

Gotta love the Koolaid smile!


Somewhere In The Sun said...

Well, even though the day started out rough it seems to have ended well! She looks beautiful in her dress. I just loved reading about your efforts to make her feel special while getting ready. You are such a considerate Mommy!

This is the first year that Jackson hasn't cried about making the tansfer from shorts to jeans. He's still wearing shorts and Joe is already in jeans but Jackson knows it's coming. Every Fally he freaks out and wonders why he has to wear "that stuff on his legs."!


Anonymous said...

She looks beautiful, and love that smile!!!

Mission To Macie said...

I love that bottom picture of her.....too cute!

Glad your day ended better than it began...Miss Macie is a grouchy pants in the mornings too! Must be something in the Qinzhou water..LOL

Jill :)

Anonymous said...

What a trying day but all's well that ends well. She looked so sweet up there singing!!! I love watching our videos over and over. EllaKate has had a hard time accepting long sleeves and layers too. She is doing better...

Teresa said...

I have the same problem with Caroline and her hair. There are days I just want to cut it all off just to spare the drama. Of course, I won't. But there are days...

Glad things ended well even with the rough start.

I'm planning the adoption day picnic for Nov. 23rd. I'll send out invites soon!


Jill said...

Thanks for making me feel normal! I sometimes wonder what gets in to Miss Lucy. It's almost like another child..LOL! Glad to see a wonderful end to the day! She looks like a princess!