Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Friday in Oceanside

We packed up the car and headed south for a long weekend to visit with our friends from Portland. It is so nice now that the girls are old enough to have fun without continual intervention on Mom and Dad's part. We arrived in Oceanside on Friday morning ready to spend much of the day by the pool. As in previous visits, Pearl, Chloe and Joy instantly hit it off and began playing as only the "under 6" crowd can do. Even though their tastes are vastly different, they have one mutual interest, fun.

I am still sorting through my pictures from the weekend and just got around to editing a couple last night. Unfortunately, these first two shots don't include Pearl and Joy, but just wait, there are many more to come. These shots were taken after lunch, when Pearl and Joy decided that they had had enough of swimming and were ready to move on to other activities. Chloe begged me to let her keep swimming and it was just too hard for me to resist. She had the pools (both the large one and the kiddie one) entirely to herself and it was fun to just watch her splashing in her own little world. I think she was even playing "Hide and Seek" with an imaginary friend. Chloe Splashing Water
Chloe with Feet on Deck


mommy24treasures said...

ooh I LOVE this shot! A couple of posts ago I was snapping Caitlyn as she was jumping in the pool. I think candid action, just catching the kids with no poses are my favorite. Especially if I go back through the blog from the past, those are the pics that make me happiest.

tiffany said...

Oh my gosh these photos are amazing!! Beautiful.

The Animator's Wife said...

Wow! That first shot is AMAZING! Such clarity on the frozen in time and space water droplets. I love her expression and everything about it. NICE!