Saturday, October 17, 2009

Apples Apples Apples & Mushrooms

Today was another low-key Saturday with the family. Last night we all went to see the movie "Where the Wild Things Are". The girls really loved it. I was bored through most of it and I really hate it when the camera bounces around too much during the action scenes. It makes me sick. I have had to walk out of movies ("Hannah and Her Sisters") for just that reason. When we put on home videos, I can only watch a few minutes before the nausea sets in.

We took the girls into town today to play at the park. We were trying to find an adoption gathering, but we lost the flyer and when we drove by the park, we didn't see anyone we recognized. I guess we must have gotten either the date or time incorrect.

Later in the afternoon, Chloe and I went out into the back yard to take some pictures. I expected to see all of the apples rotting on the ground. We have lived in our home for almost 7 years and have never used the apples from our trees. To my surprise, there were still quite a few decent fruit clinging to the trees, so we picked them. I let Chloe play around a bit and I just aimed the camera. I was able to collect enough apples to make an apple pie and two batches of apple muffins............yum!

Chloe picks an apple.

Chloe finds a vulture feather to add to her collection.

Chloe finds a make-shift table for her treasures. It needs a little dusting off.

Chloe studies her finds. She's not sure if the twig will make the final cut.

After setting down the feather and pine cone, Chloe shows her apple.

Chloe makes the final still life arrangement.

Chloe's final creation.

On the way back into the house, we spotted these large flat mushrooms in the yard.

Here's what they look like at ground view.

More mushrooms from the front yard

I think this bunch looks like a fairy village.


Leah and Maya said...

what neat picutres, I love the coloring, wish I even knew how to do that. those mushrooms look very magical down on their level, I will ahve to remember that next time I am kicking them over in my yard.

mommy24treasures said...

oh those last ones do look like a little village don't they?
I wish we had an apple orchard around here, we will be visiting a pumpkin patch for some good shots, but I would LOVE some apple orchard photos.

Wanda said...

Gorgeous pictures of all your treasure hunting. But the mushroom pictures are just magical!

Hannah said...

I loved all the pictures but those mushrooms....OH My Word. That is amazing! Love it!

Teresa said...

Mushrooms never looked so beautiful. We have some in our backyard too (thanks to the rain!), but they're not nearly as lovely.

We're heading to the pumpkin patch on the 28th with Caroline's class. Should be a hoot.

The girls are growing up so fast, it seems.

Anonymous said...

beautiful beautiful fall pics!
so great looking in the BIG ones!
Precious girls! gathering their finds!
now I know an apple from a punkin!
Silly me ~~ needed my glasses on!