Sunday, October 24, 2010

Getting Ready for Halloween

Someone's safe this Thanksgiving.

Cinnamon the Bear really enjoys his Halloween pumpkin.

I must really be on a roll this weekend. I haven't quite fit in everything on my to-do list, but at least I kept up with the blogging!

Today I took Chloe and Pearl to our local zoo. It's sort of a refuge for California native wild animals who are either injured or unable to be returned to the wild. I didn't even know porcupines were natives of California. Since it was "Boo at the Zoo" day, lots of little kids were running around in their Halloween costumes. There were also lots of games and entertainment for the children.

After we came home from the zoo, I needed to practice on Chloe's make-up for Halloween. She will be dressed as a leopard and her costume is totally darling (IMO). I really wanted to paint her face to match, but I was uncomfortable with my face-painting skills. I tried it a few weeks ago and while it wasn't totally awful, it wasn't very good either. I could still improve upon a few things, but I think today's effort was good enough to pass.


Leah and Maya said...

WOW your face painting is amazing!!!! Maya's goign to be a pink cheetah/leoperd but I'm just drawing on some whiskers and calling it good, she's a bit young to have her face painted and not end up rubbing it part way off on soemthing.
How cool for your exchange student, what a gift. I can't believe your husband is going, I dont'know Justin's songs all I know is he has some really goofy looking hair.
YAY cast off, those saws freak me out a bit, glad her arm is starting to get stronger.

Teresa said...

Great job on the face painting..I wish I could hire you to paint faces over here..I'm terrible :) That owl photo is!

Donna said...

You did great!

Before I painted Gwen's face, I looked at some youtube video tutorials for different kinds of makeup application. I got some good technique pointers and tips just from watching someone else do it! I also searched the internet for images of other painted faces so I could see what was "just right" and what was "too much". Sometimes the most important thing is knowing when to stop!

Love the other photos too!

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