Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Mystery Spot

Elena stands in the door frame of the crooked shack.

Arranged in order from shortest to tallest, 5'-3" to 5'-11"
Arranged in order from tallest to shortest, however this time, they appear to be the same height, or even reversed.

I took a mid-week road trip to Santa Cruz for the day. While there, Elena and I stopped by the famous "Mystery Spot". The Mystery Spot is a location in the redwood forest where laws of physics are supposedly defied and distorted. Balls seem to roll uphill, people's height seems to change and a pendulum seems to rotate the wrong direction. While the effects and observations are based mostly upon visual illusions, it's still quite fascinating to take the tour in this Escher-esque place. Once inside the crooked cabin, I became extremely dizzy.

As it turns out, even the dizziness can be explained by the brain's difficulty in trying to match up what the eyes see with what the body feels. It's definitely a fun experience. Now back to the real world.


Colleen said...

I've always wondered if this is worth going to. We will have to get there one of these days.

Teresa said...

ha..I love the mystery spot! I haven't been there in quite a few years but this post is making me want to go. I'm cracking up at the Justin Bieber...3rd row!! She is one lucky girl!

Teresa said...

I have seen bumper stickers and signs for Mystery Spot, but never knew what it was!! Now I know!

Gorgeous job on the makeup and costumes for your girls!