Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Chloe's 2nd Eye Doctor Appointment

Last week, Chloe had a follow up appointment with Dr. Yang to assess her strabismus and determine a course of action. For now, the recommended treatment will be glasses. We will be checking progress again in a couple more months. I am so grateful thus far that our issues with our girls have been so minor in nature. We have truly been fortunate.


day by day said...

Oh, we live at the eye doctors! Sophie's SN is esotropia, which I believe is the same as strabismus. She does not need glasses, though. We patched for months, then surgery, and now are patching again and i think there will be another surgery. Glasses would have been much easier, I think. : )

Have a great day!!!

Jill said...

Ahhhh, hugs to Miss Chloe! She looks like such a trooper!

Teresa said...

Glad to see you are putting some designs on Etsy and starting a little cottage business! I may talk to my MIL or SIL about making some of those dresses from your patterns. They are great! Makes me wish I had a sewing maching, well almost. ;)