Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Good Life

There was a time when we were almost rich. We didn't worry about the price of anything and while our tastes weren't extravagent, we could pretty much have anything we wanted. Now times are a little tougher. We sold the vacation home and we have had our main residence for sale for over a year. We are eating at home a lot more and taking less weekend trips.

And yet, spending time with our girls and just being a family have made this a wonderful year. Four and five are such wonderful ages. The girls get more fun every day.

Tonight after her bath, Chloe came down to the living room to play and snuggle with Daddy. She is wearing a cute towel that was made for her by the wife of our local chief of Police. Pearl has a matching towel. Doesn't that fire look toasty?

Yes, these are great times!


Carolin said...

The fire does indeed look toasty!

I'm sure it's the times such as these that your girls are going to remember and cherish!

Elaine said...

Snuggle time with daddy is so priceless, it builds there self-esteem and confidence in each hug. Beautiful picture of kindly loving father. :)

mommy24treasures said...

oh darling pic. Yep sounds like the good life. I hope your home sells soon...

Mission To Macie said...

I think this post is awesome!

and yes that fire looks cozy!

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Jill, Macie and family

My3Monkeys said...

Doesn't it amaze you now when you look back and remember the things that you once thought were important? Hope you had a wonderful holiday.

Rachel said...

What a beautiful post - you get what so many Americans who are deep in debt don't.

Quality time with the kids beats out money any day! You obviously have a very full live with lots of love! Who needs the vacation home...

Anonymous said...

Children are the most precious treasure that we have. You are not nearly rich you are wealthy beyond most with those two darlings. Love reading about them. Keep in touch.

cousin Bruce

Carol said...

You and pete are in the same place as John and I. It amazes me what I am really thankful for and it has LITTLE to do with money. We are thankful for family times with our children!
Havent posted in a while so I dont know if I wished you a Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Warm regards,