Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

I'm not sure what happened, but we didn't take any pictures on Thanksgiving even though we had relatives from out of town coming in to share in our celebration. It was a small dinner compared to previous years. We totalled 8 including the girls.

The day was nice and relaxing and maybe that was one reason we didn't break out the camera. It was just so great to not worry about anything (other than the food coming out edible). Our meal was enjoyable and the fellowship was long overdue.

I haven't been out shopping yet. I absolutely detest crowds and try to do most of my shopping on line. I hope to make a few things this year, but we'll see how time permits.

My husband finally dragged me out of the house last night to have dinner in a nice restaurant and window shop in a very nice and not-too-crowded, shopping center. We all had a great time and the girls even posed and asked me to take their pictures. They must have been going through withdrawal.


Faye said...

I love Chloe and Pearl's little smirks and I love reading your posts! They always make me giggle.

Anonymous said...

Had to pop over to see your Christmas blog! Looks great!!