Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Car Show

This weekend was another typical weekend around the house. Pete took the girls to see a movie, while I made an attempt to sew. I did for a couple of hours, but didn't finish my project.

By Sunday, I was feeling pretty guilty about squandering another chance to do either something productive or something fun with the family, so I talked my husband into taking us to the Mountain Festival in Tehachapi.

There were a lot of people and we decided that it was too hot and dusty to go to the rodeo. The carnival rides looked pretty dirty and lame compared to our trip to Gilroy Gardens just 6 days prior, so we told the girls "No rides today. We will go back to Gilroy Gardens soon." They willingly agreed without even a fuss. I just love how understanding my girls can be sometimes. That left the car show as our destination and it was wonderful. It is amazing how much work people put into restoring these old vehicles. I assume that some of them are never driven, even if they are operable. The engines are just too pristine. I just wish I had the chance to take pictures of these cars without all the people getting in the way! Some of the attendees to the car show were as interesting as the cars, but I was just too shy to aim my camera at them (because I had a wide angle lens and I would have had to get right in their face!) so you will just have to use your imagination. One of these interesting characters was riding a cool orange-flamed chopper. It wasn't even part of the show, but I had to take a picture anyway.

Chloe kept asking me to take her picture in front of every car she liked, so I now have a full library of Chloe posing in front of fancy rides. I'll spare you the full-length version and just post a couple here. If you click on the pictures, you will be taken to my Flickr photostream. You can click on "all sizes" at the top to view a larger version.

Next weekend will be all about getting ready for school!
Antique Firetruck
The girls pose in front of a restored antique fire truck
Cool Blue
Sweet Ride
Hot Chopper


mommy24treasures said...

Chloe is so funny:)
Don't you just love when they are understanding?
That green car is SOOO shiny!
Sounds like a fun time:)

Anonymous said...

You always do such fun things!