Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Toy Store Reflection

While in Carmel this past weekend, we made a visit to our favorite little toy store. It's not very big, but there is always something wonderful for us to take home after the girls get a little time to explore. As I was walking through the store, I spotted Chloe's reflection in a mirror and decided to take a picture. I loved the composition, but it was way too busy to see what was going on. That's one reason I hadn't edited it sooner. Tonight I had the idea to convert the image to black and white, leaving only the reflection in color. To see other reflection photos, click on the icon below.
we picture {this}


Caroline said...

great edit - lovely way to focus our attention where it needs to fall :D

Michelle said...

Cute, cute photo!! I like how you pp'd it!

Donna said...

I love that toy store! It's a must-see when we visit Carmel.

That's an interesting edit! Like Caroline said, it's a fantastic way to focus your attention on the reflection. I took some photos of reflections yesterday. Had to bribe the girls with chocolate to get them to cooperate but I think I got a few good shots.

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The Animator's Wife said...

Now that is creativity. Love this idea and your clever edit!

Emily said...

I agree with the others... great selective coloring for your focal point.