Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Small Town Street Faire

Our summer temperatures average around 100 degrees with some days reaching 110 and others in the low 90s. Given that, you can imagine my surprise that our city was planning a street faire from 5-9PM on an August evening. City staff was worried that it would be unbearably hot and that no one would show up, but they pursued their plans anyway. As the day approached, it looked like cooler weather was in store, and miraculously, the high this day was in the low 80s. It was by far the coolest day of the summer.

Most local businesses, non-profit organizations and service clubs had booths and activities for the whole family. There were kittens and dogs available for adoption from our local shelter, face-painting, a giant slide in the middle of the street, and numerous food booths.
So we decided to join in the fun and take the girls downtown. They had a great time and kept thanking us over and over again after we got home. The proof is in the pictures!

Live music

colorful pinatas

Free facepainting by the Girl Scouts

Racing Cars at the State Farm booth

How many hands am I holding up?

Boots for sale

Riding a giant slide


Carolin said...

we love outings like that, looks like you had a great time!

Donna said...

I love their little flippy hairdoos!


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mommy24treasures said...

oh the girls curls are so beautiful.:)
Love the photos!

Puna said...

What lovely little girls you have!

day by day said...

The girls look like they had lots of fun...they are sooo cute! Love their hair!!!

Anonymous said...

I love small town fairs! Looks like you all had a great time and I am glad the weather cooperated for you.

Teresa said...

I love your blog, Lori. Your photos are so beautiful and the colors you capture are amazing. The photos of Carmel are great and of course, your girls are so beautiful.

Gilroy Gardens is a favorite of M3 and the girls too. Someday you may run into them there!