Sunday, July 08, 2007

Escaping the Heat!

We decided to escape the heat (107 on Friday) by heading to our cabin in the mountains. We used to go every weekend before we had kids, but Chloe used to fuss a lot whenever we went there, so it wasn't really very much fun.

On the way to the cabin, we stopped at K-mart to pick up some puzzles and games. Chloe asked for a "sea turtle" puzzle and to our amazement, we actually found a jigsaw puzzle with Diego and a sea turtle. What luck? Now I suppose Chloe thinks she can ask for just about anything and we will get it for her.

Well this weekend was a lot different from the fussy times of the past. We all had a blast playing games, putting together jigsaw puzzles, playing in the park and swimming in the clubhouse pool. It was a wonderful weekend since the girls both had fun the whole time. Our home is right on the edge of a small lake and we are next door to one of the parks. We had so much fun, we decided that we are going back next weekend. Maybe we'll even bring BOTH of the girls' swim suits.

The cabin is a bit in need of a deep cleaning, so we plan on doing a little bit each weekend. The weeds are overgrown, the windows are dirty and the cobwebs are getting out of hand.

I designed and built this place 7 years ago and we finally put it up for sale. We also put our main home up for sale. We are hoping to downsize to a smaller, but more functional main residence that we can design ourselves. Besides, we have two college educations to save for. We love both our homes, but they are very expensive to maintain and we think we could better utilize the money elsewhere.

Enjoy the photos from this weekend!

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tiffany said...

Hey your girls are adorable too! And we have the same taste in names! Our Isabella was almost a Chloe and our Levi was to be Pearl until we found out he was a BOY. :) We hope to travel back to China for our Pearl someday!
:) Tiffany at