Friday, July 20, 2007


When Chloe was a baby she didn't seek out any form of comfort. She was very brave and never seemed scared. She didn't cry when she fell down. She wasn't cuddly or affectionate although she liked to be held if you were standing and moving. After several months, I just figured that was her personality, not a huggy-feely type. She was all action. I never was huggy-feely either. Chloe didn't need pacifiers, didn't suck her fingers and didn't need a blankie or stuffed animal. She eagerly went to bed and slept contentedly through the night.

What a difference a couple of years and tons of love makes! Chloe is the most amazingly affectionate little person I know. Unfortunately, she has a lot of fears, but I think that's because she values her circumstances so much. She now needs her blanket (she calls it "ganket") alot and she usually carries a stuffed animal or baby with her. And she frequently needs to sleep with Mom or Dad. But, the behavior I find most fascinating is her need to fondle tags. Especially, when she is drinking. She must have one hand on a tag, usually the one on her pants, although sometimes it is her shirt tag. She does this several times a day. Sometimes she wants to be rocked and sung to at the same time. Of course, I love this opportunity to make up for lost baby bonding time. She says to me "Mommy, will you rock me like you did when I was a baby". I just say "sure", but I don't tell her that she wouldn't let me rock her when she was a baby. Some things just take time.


Lynn said...

My daughter, Lili, was the same way! It took several months before she ever cried when she got hurt.
Your daughter is beautiful!

mom to a Min sister-Olivia

thorvet said...

Caroline took a few days before she would let me comfort her. Then she only wanted Rick first, then I was second. Only recently (like in the last 6 months) has she said, "Sing to me like a baby, Mommy" and I rock her and sing to her. She didn't let me do this in China.

Interesting the similarities. Hmmmm.


Anonymous said...

Lori, Hi!

You might be interested in this product which was developed in Spencer, MA, right next to me. Two local women came up with this idea and are making beaucoup bucks on it. They have gone from sewing them in their kitchens to having a regular manufacturing plant and distribution center. What a story.

I never would have believed that kids had a special interest in tags, but that goes to show how much I know about kids!

Chris O.