Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Fireworks Celebration

This is an added footnote as this post will be our entry into the FFFF Friday foto challenge. Donna has now passed the torch onto Loving Lydia who will now be hosting the challenges. Thank you so much!

Our community is a small town. We have our annual fireworks celebration, but we always celebrate it a day early, on the 3rd of July. That is so that we can afford a nice professional show from crews that are booked in the big cities on the 4th.

As usual, we invite all of my co-workers and our family to our home to view the fireworks because they usually set them off at the high school nearby. Well, this year, they moved the fireworks to a field DIRECTLY across the street from our home. We really did have the best view in town. See picture #2 for a view of the crew setting up. This was taken from our yard. Picture #3 shows a co-worker's trailer in our driveway and people playing ping-pong. Many more people showed up and I believe we had more than 100 people watching from our lawns and driveways.

Picture #1 is of co-worker's lovely daughter "J" (name witheld for privacy) holding Chloe like a baby. This is how Chloe frequently wants Mom to hold her, but it was a surprise to see how close she had become with J in just a few short hours.

Well, I think everyone enjoyed the show this year. Chloe was scared at first, but managed to overcome her fear of the loud bangs and had fun. This was Pearl's first 4th of July celebration and she was thoroughly enjoying herself. She was sitting with J and her sister M, but we could hear her ooohing and aahhing from where we were sitting. She is not one to hold back her enthusiasm.

I hope everyone reading this had a great 4th of July!

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